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Indian Trip Part  #1  HAMPI and SOUTH INDIA 


Throwback in Half Julley ...

Landing in Mumbai and i'm back in India, incredible emotion for me to come back to this lovely country only one and half month after my first trip. Because that's India you love or you hate... So after one afternoon in Mumbai i've take a night bus to reach Hospet and Hampi ! So happy to see again all the Hampi local crew and live new crazy adventure. I spend around 3 weeks in Hampi and around, exploring new bouldering area, trying project and just live the Hampi time fully. 

Hampi has this really special energy, the nature is so strong and so present there. During this trip in Hampi I finally have the opportunity to discover Badami who is at (only) 6 hours from Hampi. And what a place, the most incredible sandstone i've ever seen, crazy colors, crazy shapes. 

So if I had to resume Hampi vibes it's wake up - climb - breakfast - chill - and climb agin for an evening session what else we need ? 

After Hampi I decide to go to the North see new places and Himalayan's mountains. 


But as always leaving Hampi is heartbreaking 


---- > Next part Leh Ladakh  🌸🌸

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