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🌿 Indian trip part #2 LEH Ladakh


After visiting Hampi i've decided to move to the north and visit the Himalaya. 
✈️ First experience and vision of the North... from the window of my plane watching the sunrise on the Himalaya... 
Landing in Leh is something specific, you're projected in mountains, surrounded by giants of 6 000 meters and you are yourself at 3700 meters high... and at least you don't know if you're gap because of he high or the incredible environment around you. As Hampi you can find here a sort of pilgrimage, the tranquility of this giants in Buddhism atmosphere where the only noise you hear is the bell-ring of the buddhist prayer wheel.

After one day off to get acclimatize back to climbing around. I have the joy to met all the Gravi T Climbing crew who made me discover most of the area around Leh. Driving 20 minute on a trail let’s go climbing. Ladakh is a really dry place, a desert of rocks. The rock is brand new and young and not enough compact everywhere but when you find some it's an amazing granit. Around Leh you can find some really amazing technical slabs, some trad climbing, small multi pitch and the gravi-t crew never stop to open new bouldering area during the all summer. 

During my two weeks in Leh it wasn't all about climbing but also go to the mountains and to confront myself to high altitude while trying to do Stock Kangry and to reach the altitude of 6 000 meters high. Unfortunately i can only reach the summit arrete because of bad weather. But i was so happy to be brought the process of hight altitude, acclimatization and pushing my physical limits at this altitude.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to live this adventure. 
In Leh i can meet all the organization crew for of the Suru Boulder fest and at least work for them as photograph during this amazing event in Kargil Valley.

---- > Next part Suru Boulder Fest 🌿🌿

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